How to Battle and Win. (For newer players)

This helped me get a grasp on things, I decided to try and start battling today, can you recommend a simple yet effective team for a beginner? I am sorry if I am being a pain it's just I don't wanna train hard for the team to be utterly useless...
This is a really useful guide for beginners, as it teaches about all the important stuff in battling (prediction, game plans, etc) and helped me loads. thanks!
Nice guide, well done!
It explains very well the mindgame around battles, but i don't get why worrying about the possible sash on Terrakion? SR would have broken it anyways.
Awesome guide. I'm somewhat new to competitive battling and found the article quite useful. It was also entertaining to read and quite well written.
Very nice guide, months ago when I was a mediocre player, this guide was my starting fuel for becoming a better player. The main thing it taught me was risk vs. Reward, and it's helped me win countless matches ever since. Thanks Shurtugal and CTC, the both of you ultimately paved my road to becoming a better battler.
Uhuh, I like this guide a lot ! Good Job Shurt ! And also CTC and Eclypse as well !
I found it found this a really interesting guide. It makes you understand many things (like how / when to predict) that only experience can teach, and it's also very well written !
Sorry if this was posted earlier in the thread, but did you end up making that team building guide Shurtugal? It be mighty useful (also nice Eragon reference)

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